Sweetwater Creek Nature Reserve is located in Frankston, approximately 40 kilometres from Melbourne (Melway 102, A-7).
The reserve is one kilometre south of Frankston's commercial centre. It can be reached by train from the city (a little over one hour) and thence by bus numbers  781, 784, 785, or 788 at Frankston station. Ask to get off at Liddesdale Avenue.
The reserve creek is fed by runoff  from the surrounding areas and Frankston Reservoir, which is controlled by Parks Victoria. The reservoir is closed to the public at present.. The stream, which used to run through the area containing the reservoir, was diverted when the reservoir was built in 1922. This 90 hectare site has now been gazetted as a conservation reserve.
There are several entry points to the reserve apart from the one on Nepean Highway, at the foot of Olivers Hill.
Sweetwater Creek Nature Reserve adjoins the stream for its length from Kars Street to the Bay, varying in width from a few metres to a couple of hundred.
The reserve is controlled and maintained by Frankston City Council and is open continously for public enjoyment.
Copies of the reserve map are available from the Frankston City Council Tourist Information Center, located on the Nepean Highway near the Frankston Pier.
Frankston, Victoria, Australia.
Map of Sweetwater Creek Nature Reserve
To encourage the community to sustain, develop and enjoy the natural beauty and ecology of Sweetwater Creek Nature reserve
Frankston Reservoir
Port Phillip Bay
Sweetwater Creek discharges into Port Phillip Bay near the carpark and boat launching ramp, opposite the Liddesdale Avenue entrance. The only toilet facilities near the reserve are available in the car parking area.

Baden Powell entrance
Parkside entrance
Hoadley entrance
Liddesdale entrance
Fleetwood entrance
Bembridge entrance
Grange entrance
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